Books, Music & Docu-series
By Pastor Dan Willis

Pastor Dan Willis is on a mission to spread God’s word. He is a spiritual voice that God is using to touch this generation’s lives. In his teachings, he promotes praise, abundance, financial freedom, and coping with tragedy – all of which are aimed at making his people believe in the power of praise


5 steps to Financial Freedom

Maxed out on 23 credit cards, and ruined his credit to support his ministry at a young age. From being drowned in debt to being blessed with abundance, God showed him the way!

$15.00 USD

Freedom to Forget Releasing The Pain From The Past, Embracing Hope For The Future

$15.00 USD

Praise Is My Weapon

Life is hard. Even as believers, we are constantly barraged by challenges, sicknesses, attacks, and tragedies. Loved ones die. Good people get hurt. The faithful are besieged.

$15.00 USD

The Multicultural Church

The Sunday morning mass! Decades back, Sunday was a cherished sabbath day for us. But today in the modern world, with fast-paced times, Sunday morning is segregated.

$10.00 USD

Bishop Dan Willis and ANC "Live" in Chicago

Join Bishop Dan Willis, along with the “All Nations Choir”, in their NEW CD release!

Available digitally on:

ITUNES Bishop Dan Willis and ANC “Live” In Chicago by Bishop Dan Willis and ANC








A Man, His Piano, & His Worship

Worship is the submission of all our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by His holiness, the nourishment of the mind with His truth, the purifying of the imagination of His beauty, the opening of the heart to His love, and the surrender of the will to His purpose.

Enjoy this symphony of soul-touching music by Pastor Dan Willis, to fill your homes, your hearts, and your spirits with praises!

CD - $15.00 USD

DVD - $25.00 USD


Journey Through The Holy Land –Docu-series

Pastor Dan has always been passionate about discovering the Holy Land of Israel. He has had the opportunity to travel and lead many tours there. In this docu-series, Dan explores the Holy Land of Israel. 
This series follows Pastor Dan’s step-by-step journey around Israel, bringing the bible to life. Available on USB for $29.99. Please contact if interested.

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