Dan's Journey
From Neurology to Ministry

Dan originally aspired to be a neurosurgeon, but he felt a calling to leave the medical field and pursue a career in ministry. He answered his calling with  unwavering faith, and belief.

“1 Samuel 3:10 “ And the Lord came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, “Speak Lord; for thy servant heareth.”

Destined For The Ministry From A Young Age

At the age of 16, Dan first heard the call to become a pastor. He was called to shepherd a congregation of 15 members at the Lighthouse Church of All Nations in southwest suburban Alsip, Illinois. He and his wife Linda started with just 15 members in a small storefront in Oak Lawn.
Today, 45 years later, the Church has now grown from a small group of 15 people to a vibrant and diverse congregation of over 6,000 members representing 72 nations. Dan is a Bishop of the church and it is the largest multicultural church in all of Chicago.

The Lighthouse Church of All Nations is more than just a place of worship, it’s a community center, where people of all backgrounds can come together, and find acceptance, love, and inspiration.

A Sermon Expert in Multiculturalism, Worship, & Financial Empowerment

Rev. Dan Willis is a gifted, dynamic and engaging speaker and his sermons are always thought-provoking & insightful. He is a source of inspiration and guidance for his congregation and anyone who listens to him.
He is known for his ability of connecting with his congregants, making complex ideas simple and easy to understand, and empowering them to take action for improving their lives. The topics of his expertise include —The Multicultural Ministry, The Worship Experience, Coping with Tragedy. The Role of Music in Church, Forgetting Past Traumas and Forgiving Those Responsible, Preparation to Become Debt Free and Building Wealth.

Dedicated To The Spiritual Development Of The Entire Community

Pastor Dan, is dedicated to serving his congregation and community. He takes it upon himself to cater to every member of the congregation, be it the youth or the senior citizens. The church offers a variety of programs catering to all ages —Children’s ministry, Youth choir, Weekly Youth arts workshop, Prayer and outreach ministries, Singles and marriage ministries, Senior citizens groups, and Weekly community food pantry.

A Counselor & Mentor To Church Leaders Both, Domestic & International

Dan is the CEO and Founder of an international recording choir, the Pentecostals of Chicago founded in the 90s. It’s a platform for talented individuals to showcase their musical talents. It now goes by the name of “The All Nations Choir”.
He also founded the All Nations Leadership Institute in Chicago. It is housed on the ten-acre church campus. He has been instrumental in training over 1,000 leaders in various fields, from business to ministry and community service. The institute offers classes in Multicultural Ministry, Leadership, Spiritual Foundations, and more.

A Ministry Leader with a Wealth of Experience

A leading figure in Christian television, as the producer and host of the Emmy award-winning Christian talk show “I’m Just Sayin’” on TCT Television. He Hosted the international gospel music show “Inspiration Sensation” on the TLN Network. Helped raise over one hundred million dollars for Christian television through telethons. He is also a traveling ministry partner to the well-known Pastor Benny Hill.

A Fundraising Force for Christian Television, Churches, and Nonprofits

Dan Willis is a fundraising powerhouse with over 30 years of experience in raising funds for Christian Television, Churches, and non-profit organizations.
His passion, education, and experience have enabled him to raise over one hundred million dollars, making him a valuable resource for organizations looking to partner with a seasoned professional. He has a proven track record of success, and he is committed to working with organizations to create effective fundraising strategies that will make a real impact.

Has appeared on – TBN, Daystar, Loveworld, TCT, INSP, Cornerstone, WORD, CTN, and LeSea Broadcasting.

“If you're looking for a fundraising expert who is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals, Dan Willis is the man for the job”

An Artist With God’s

Dan Willis is a leader in the field of ministry and an artist adorning vivid roles of —Author, Host, Speaker, Musician, and Fundraiser. His teachings are aimed at making people believe in the power of Praise. Through his Books —5 Steps To Financial Freedom, Freedom To Forget, Praise Is My Worship, The Multicultural Church, and Gospel Music.

“Pastor Dan Willis has been my dear friend and colleague in ministry for over a decade. He has stood at my side on platforms all over the world, ministering to my partners with great insight, humility, and under a mighty anointing. I am proud of the way God has used Pastor Dan as a Pastor, evangelist, and Man of God.”

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